I work with families to improve the nutrition of their children.

If your child has any of the following, then I’ve helped families like yours:

  • Overweight/underweight

  • Disordered eating

  • Food allergies

  • Picky eaters

My approach with children requires a team effort from the whole family.


My approach.

Talk with you to understand the issues from your perspective. Before working with your child, we’ll work together to understand the issue and goals of working with your child.

Educate you on nutrition basics for children. Ensuring that you have a solid understanding of nutrition will empower you to keep your child healthy at home.

Working on your household’s relationship with food. Your entire household has a relationship with food, and that influences your child’s diet. I’ll work with you to improve the household dynamic, from family eating habits, to shopping habits, and more.

Developing meal plans and portion sizes. I’ll work with you to create family meal plans that will improve your children’s health.

Helping your child become more food-conscious. Most children lack awareness of what they’re putting in their bodies and how it affects them. I will teach your child and family about how their diet affects how they feel. 

Recommending physical activity. Exercise not only helps children stay healthy, but it can also improve their eating habits.